The increasing value of private beach access - Daniel Foch featured in YorkRegion.com

Thursday Aug 6th, 2020


'Pushing their luck': City folk flocking to Georgina's waterfront, breaking rules Businesses, residents and councillors speak out against how crowded Keswick becoming on weekends NEWS Aug 02, 2020 by Jeremy Grimaldi  Georgina Advocate Daniel's excerpt below: “There’s lots of reports of people trespassing,” he said. “Some people have been going and having picnics on people’s docks. Some of it is confusion. I... [read more]

Dec 2019 - Keswick North - Georgina Real Estate Market Infographic

Monday Jan 13th, 2020


Keswick North Infographic - the average size of a home in Keswick North has 3 bedroom and 3 washrooms.  $564,246 is the average list price of a home in Keswick North.  There are currently 16 homes for sale in Keswick North, only 13 homes sold meaning that there is only 1.2 months of real estate inventory avalible in Keswick North.  Keswick North % LIST/SALE RATIO was 97.  Keswick North highest sale price for the month was $549,885.  Keswick North lowest real estate... [read more]