Covid-19 demands weekly real estate market reporting to understand the impacts

Friday Apr 10th, 2020


I've been pretty inspired lately by some folks on twitter who I admire for their scientific approach to real estate. Almost all of them have started looking at data for their markets on a weekly basis, rather than a monthly basis. The objective of this is to figure out what's happening to the real estate market more accurately, so we can be anticipatory, rather than reactionary in our behavior towards the market. I've decided to follow suit and start reporting weekly data on... [read more]

3 reasons you shouldn’t get caught up in spring “price growth”

Friday Mar 13th, 2020


Today’s 3-pointer will be brief, and it could very quickly become functionally irrelevant as the coronavirus panic spreads from grocery stores to real estate viewings. There are 3 statistically-biased reasons you really shouldn’t get too wrapped up in the idea that “spring market” pricing is any different than the other seasons: People – selection bias Product – selection bias Pricing – observer bias I have this... [read more]