3 protection mechanisms for transacting real estate in a volatile financial market

Tuesday Mar 17th, 2020


1.    Don’t try to time the real estate market. Buy and sell in the same economy. Trying to create or carve out an arbitrage in a volatile market is where people get burned. Unless you're an economist, an actuary, or write financial instruments for a living, arbitrage is fickle. One of the important ignored nuances around this concept is that if you’re selling, and your sale is challenging, then that will proportionately affect your sentiment... [read more]

So you bought a property.... but who are you going to sell it to?

Monday Jul 15th, 2019


Crossposted at heavyweightandrealestate.wordpress.com The real estate market in the Greater Toronto Area is, for lack of a better word, weird. As a result of this new reality we're living in, it's really tough to find reliable data to formulate any kind of empirically verifiable investment thesis. This has caused me, and a handful of others I work with, to resort to really simple data sources to create some qualitative metrics about how we evaluate property. One of the ways I... [read more]

Briarwood Development eyes purchase of Newmarket Hollingsworth lands

Monday May 6th, 2019


Briarwood Development Group unveils proposal for 2 condo towers, senior residence, public park, community facility at Davis and Patterson NEWS Feb 06, 2019 by Teresa Latchford  Newmarket Era   Briarwood Development Group planner Diarmuid Hogan speaks to residents about one of the two proposed designs for the corner of Davis Drive and Patterson Street at an open house hosted by the developer at the Newmarket Community... [read more]

Georgina, Ontario - York Region Real Estate Market Infographic- July 2018

Friday Aug 3rd, 2018


Georgina, Ontario Infographic  the average size of a home  in Georgina, Ontario   has  3 bedroom and  2 washrooms $598,988 is the average list price   of a home in Georgina, Ontario .There are currently  384  homes for sale  in Georgina, Ontario .only 68 homes sold  meaning that there is only  3.9 months of inventory  months of  real estate inventory avalible  in Georgina, Ontario Georgina, Ontario % LIST/SALE RATIO was... [read more]