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April 2018- Georgina Market Report Infographics - Sales x DOM x S/L Ratio

Thursday May 10th, 2018


April 2018 Georgina Real Estate Spring market volume with price decline. We are continuing to see a declining price trend in Georgina’s real estate market, despite a clear increase in demand. This leads us to believe that the macroeconomic environment is dictating price trends, while volume is a localized phenomena. Unfortunately, this also tells us that the pricing trends in our real estate market are more systemic than microeconomic, essentially pointing towards broader trends... [read more]

March 2018- York Region Market Report Infographic - Sales x DOM x S/L Ratio

Thursday Apr 5th, 2018


March 2018 York Region Real Estate Balanced buyers’ market, sellers beginning to adapt We are seeing a decreasing-price environment, but an increasing absorption rate due to spring-market demand, and higher levels of inventory turnover. We can see a relatively clear and typical correlation between sales, days on market, and sale to list ratio in all areas of York Region, with higher-priced, luxury market areas taking longer to sell, and sale-to-list price ratios are returning... [read more]