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The burning Amazon, and real estate as an information system

Monday Aug 26th, 2019


Real estate is a technology. I've had this idea marinating in my head for a little while that is sort of an expansion of the concept I've already communicated I believe in: real estate is a technology. Land is the surface of a floating rock in space we're lucky enough to exist upon. It is a piece of the universe. Real estate, then, is an expansion upon it. Through this system, we interact with the world, and with one another. Real estate is a collection of technologies... [read more]

People vs. Property in the attention economy.

Wednesday Jul 24th, 2019


The attention economy. We currently live in the most attention-scarce market in history. This requires people who serve products and services to that market to adapt at an accelerating pace. Things follow this rule in a variety of industries, even ones that operate on longer cycles, including politics, as we've learned.  The most epitomic illustration of this can be found in Netflix's documentary called "The Big Hack". When I look at this solely from the perspective... [read more]