April 2018- Georgina Market Report Infographic - Capital Mobility Matrix

Thursday May 10th, 2018


Subdivisions stopped dead Contrary to early 2018 trends, the spring market is actually functioning in a very different manner than previous years, with subdivisions losing in performance to unique products.   As mentioned in yesterday’s post, we are seeing a decrease in purchasing in subdivisions. We have returned to a normal price level, but due to the high level of comparable properties available in subdivisions, and the directness of their comparability, vendors are... [read more]

March 2018 - York region Market Report Infographic- Capital Mobility Matrix

Thursday Apr 5th, 2018


Gravitation to utility -  Buyer demands are moving away from luxury and into utility purchases, focusing on bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, and proximity to retail and commercial services. This utility driven market seems to be the result of millenial buyers re-entering the market in full force after being pushed out in the past. These buyers are typically first-time or second-time homebuyers, so they are more focused on utility, because their mentality is often that they can... [read more]