Have we found lockdown real estate equilibrium? Covid-19 real estate for York Region, April 24

Saturday Apr 25th, 2020


People seem to get a little bit of value and comfort from these weekly reports, so I'm going to keep doing them until that changes. While it's been interesting to watch things change due to negative impacts of covid-19 and social-distancing policy, the picture is obviously still quite unclear. As you probably know, I interview professionals from the real estate industry on a regular basis. This experience has given me the ability to apply both qualitative and quantitative analysis to... [read more]

Covid-eo Chats: Sim Manocha from Avina Capital

Friday Apr 10th, 2020


    00:00 sure thing okay well thanks for having 00:02 me on then obviously I work with you so 00:06 we do have quite a past together but 00:08 I'll give you some context here just for 00:10 anyone that's listening my name is sim 00:12 Manoa I am the managing partner at vina 00:15 Capital were a real estate financing 00:18 company that focuses on commercial... [read more]

Real estate was deemed an essential workplace during COVID-19 - here's 3 reasons why.

Tuesday Mar 24th, 2020


Last night, the Ontario government released a list of all businesses they consider to be essential during a Covid-19 induced shutdown-ish thing. Some doomsayers have told me the general economy has sort-of been ground to a halt. Some organizations seem to be salvaging with the ostensible "work from home" strategy. The challenge with real estate is that it's functionally impossible to do remotely. Sure, 90% of the transaction can leverage technology - but it is a... [read more]