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Covid-eo Chats: Bahador Khani from PowerHourTalks

Friday Apr 10th, 2020


00:00 yeah so if you could just give me a 00:01 brief introduction of you know you're 00:03 interested in real estate I know you've 00:05 been you know you've had some success in 00:07 the investment side of things and you 00:09 trade it a little bit for in the past 00:12 and if you could you just explain kind 00:14 of from start to finish like from... [read more]

Keswick waterfront development eyes 2018 occupancy

Thursday Jul 14th, 2016


Content via Georgina Advocate   The South Shore waterfront condo development in Keswick formerly billed as Crate’s Landing finally broke ground this month, eyeing a 2018 occupancy, according to its developer. “It seemed to take forever but we are finally going big guns and can estimate a true closing date,” Nick Circosta, vice-president development and special projects for Fortress Real Developments, said now that the site prep work has been completed and the... [read more]