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The burning Amazon, and real estate as an information system

Monday Aug 26th, 2019


Real estate is a technology. I've had this idea marinating in my head for a little while that is sort of an expansion of the concept I've already communicated I believe in: real estate is a technology. Land is the surface of a floating rock in space we're lucky enough to exist upon. It is a piece of the universe. Real estate, then, is an expansion upon it. Through this system, we interact with the world, and with one another. Real estate is a collection of technologies... [read more]

Popularity of Georgina beaches, parks brings parking, litter woes

Thursday Sep 8th, 2016


  De La Salle beach in Georgina Georgina, -May, 21-2016, Roches Point, On, May, 31, -De La Salle beach, on Victoria Weekend.   Georgina Advocate By Heidi Riedner  A comprehensive review of the town's major waterfront parks and beaches was floated after a verbal update at council last week regarding various issues piling up with the people flocking to play in Georgina on summer weekends. The verbal report confirmed what area... [read more]