Georgina 'breaks bread' with Taiwan to promote family values

Thursday Aug 25th, 2016


  Taiwan Heidi Riedner Youth delegation. nextplay/pausepre4/4   Georgina Advocate By Heidi Riedner  Georgina is breaking bread at a “Family TABLE” on an epic scale after a sit down between a Pefferlaw pastor and the president of Taiwan over family values earlier this month. And this past Sunday in Pefferlaw, the entire congregation of Cedardale Church of the Nazarene joyously welcomed the 10 Taiwanese... [read more]

Ottawa to close tax loophole amid reports of abuse of home ownership rules

Monday Oct 03rd, 2016


TORONTO - The Globe and Mail is reporting that Ottawa is preparing to close a tax loophole that's been used by foreign buyers in overheated housing markets such as Vancouver and Toronto. The Globe says the Trudeau government plans to tackle apparent abuse of a long-standing exemption that allows non-residents to buy homes and later claim a tax exemption on the sales of those properties. That exemption will reportedly now only be available to those who reside in Canada in the year... [read more]