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Pefferlaw Real Estate Market Infographic - December 2016

Monday Jan 9th, 2017


  Pefferlaw in Georgina has an average list price of $510,463 The average sale price for Pefferlaw is $492,452 with an average sale to list price ratio of 99 percent. The average time a listing spends on the market is 40 days. A total of 14 listings sold. The average house has 3 Bedrooms and 2 Washrooms.  Pefferlaw real estate information - infographic showing house prices, homes and houses for sale in Pefferlaw , number of homes sold, average days on market, average sale to... [read more]

Baldwin Ontario - January 2017 Real Estate Market Infographic

Thursday Feb 2nd, 2017


Baldwin Ontario is a real estate sub-market in Georgina, Ontario on the Toronto Real Estate Board. In Baldwin , real estate listings have an average list price of $399,000 , and an average sale price of $375,000 . The average list to sale price ratio of homes for sale in Baldwin was 94 percent. Real estate taxes, on average, were $1,326 in Baldwin The average time a Baldwin real estate listing spent on the market was 31 days. The highest sale price of a home in Baldwin was $399,000 and the... [read more]

Sharon beekeeper suspects loss of 17 hives caused by neonicotinoids

Thursday Jul 7th, 2016


East Gwillimbury Express By Simon Martin When Sharon beekeeper James Murray went out to check on his bees last week he was in for a shock: dead bees in front of his hives. “I thought that was odd. All the bees were shaking,” he said.  The situation worsened when he discovered 17 hives were ruined and it appeared the bees had clearly been affected by something, Murray said. “It was horrible. I cried,” he said. “I lost a lot of... [read more]