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What is the urban exodus, and why does it matter?

Tuesday Dec 8th, 2020


Context I wrote a lot of articles earlier this year, but started doing more visual analysis for Instagram, Twitter & YouTube to grow my audience on those platforms. I've decided I should write a bit more again. I managed to put together a few data sets aimed at understanding the way people are changing their relationship with urbanized housing as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, and the consequential lockdowns that followed it. The information was well received by the media.... [read more]

Outta Here - Daniel Foch Featured on

Friday Nov 13th, 2020


Link to article: Exerpt: Realtor Daniel Foch, a house-slinger from north of Toronto, did some interesting plotting recently. He tracked 211 deals reported by the real estate board in the course of one day, following the links between the sale address and the agent’s office address, showing the path of buyer migration. It’s an exodus, he says, from the urban core to the fringes. To the east Durham was a big winner.... [read more]


Thursday Nov 12th, 2020


The pandemic has had an unexpected impact on the housing market, and they’re calling it the GTA migration. Daniel Foch is a Real Estate Broker out of Keswick and says more people are moving away from the GTA as a work-from-home lifestyle takes over. “The uncertainty of the workplace has people seeking certainty elsewhere,” Foch told Barrie 360. “They also want more space to work from home; your home is becoming a mixed-use dwelling now.” Image courtesy Daniel... [read more]

The arrival of real estate opportunism: May 9 Covid-19 weekly market update

Sunday May 10th, 2020


It seems like we've pretty progressively found a temporary new normal, with little change in most major metrics. The big one to watch for now is going to be price, which could be gradually dragged down by excess supply. In the microeconomic outlook, it appears we're already seeing opportunism propping up the market on a transactional basis, as we've bounced off fundamentals without rebounding from suppressed capitalization rates we saw in the past few years. It seems like... [read more]