WTF is a price floor and why does it matter?

Tuesday Jul 16th, 2019


Crossposted to and my linkedin. I got a response on instagram to yesterday's blog post & subsequent story post about the prominent buyers in the market right now, and why they're dictating the demand side of market equilibrium. The question was: buy now or wait it out? My response was pretty diplomatic. "It depends what you're buying and where, give me some context!" The inquisitor said they're... [read more]

How far will your real estate buck go in York Region?

Thursday Aug 25th, 2016


Home prices keep climbing Liberal file photo As of Aug. 19, 2016, home prices in York Region keep climbing.   Stouffville Sun-Tribune By Lisa Queen  With housing prices skyrocketing in York Region, ever wonder how far your real estate dollar will go? RELATED STORIES Home prices surge again in Richmond... We’ve found properties across the region at various price points.   Under... [read more]

York Region's high housing prices: Are there solutions or is this the new reality?

Tuesday Oct 4th, 2016


  House sales File photo   Aurora Banner By Lisa Queen Twenty-four-year-old Nick DeRyck is living in his parents’ Newmarket basement, wondering if he will ever be able to afford to buy his own home despite finishing college, being employed and saving thousands of dollars towards a downpayment. Meredith Blunt’s family is readying to leave York Region after being outbid several times on Aurora homes despite a budget of $700,000... [read more]

Fall 2016 Georgina Real Estate Market Report

Friday Oct 14th, 2016


Trade volume of Georgina Real Estate CONTACT ME FOR THE FULL REPORT Yes, I understand the images above are small. That’s the point here. We don’t want to focus too much on specific numbers, we want to get an idea for a pattern that’s occurred for the first ¾ of this year. To do this, I’m looking at: šNumber of homes sold in Georgina šAverage sale price of a home sold in Georgina šTotal monthly sales volume of real estate in... [read more]