Keswick's Lowndes Avenue closed until end of month

Wednesday Jun 15th, 2016


Content via
Georgina Advocate

Lowndes Avenue in Keswick will remain closed at Glenwoods Avenue immediately north of the traffic signals until the end of the month during the construction of a new sanitary sewer.

The $680,000 construction contract will see the completion of the trunk sewer below the existing sanitary sewer, service connections and a concrete box culvert.

The project, originally recommended and approved in the 2014 budget, will allow the town to take the Glenwoods pumping station offline, thereby reducing perpetual maintenance costs of running the station, according to the operations and engineering department.

Asphalt resurfacing of the full width of Lowndes, north of Glenwoods Avenue to the limit of the new subdivision (Tim Jacobs Trail) was also included in the contract.

The total approved budget for the sewer work is $1,580,000, which includes engineering consultant fees for contract administration and full-time inspection services.

The closure effects the neighbourhoods of Dovedale Drive, Wrendale Crescent, Bambi Crescent, Rainbow Court, and Bayview Avenue.

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