Support for small business a priority in Georgina's economic action plan

Thursday Jul 07th, 2016


Georgina Advocate

Support for small business and targeting new investment, leveraging the economic impact of agriculture, food and agri-tourism, diversifying tourism and identifying ‘places to grow” in Georgina are the four key strategic directions of the town’s updated economic action plan, approved by council Tuesday.

The economic strategy and action plan prepared by Cash & Associates Inc., outlining the town’s future activities and strategy for the economic and tourism division, will form the basis of a work plan to be presented to council during 2017 budget deliberations.

To what extent that may realign the economic and tourism division’s priorities remains to be seen, however, a top prospects list is one of the first orders of business that will come back to council in the fall, as well as a service agreement with the Georgina Chamber of Commerce.

Moving forward, much of the plan should declutter what Mayor Margaret Quirk described as the “catch-all drawer” of the economic development division so it can focus on what the town deems key priorities in support of creating employment, increasing the non-residential tax base and positioning Georgina for future opportunities.

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