2015's 10 Most Expensive Streets in Georgina - Number 4: Hedge Road

Saturday Oct 03rd, 2015


Credit to Travel and Transitions

Number 4 - Hedge Road (Jackson's Point)

Hedge Road is a historic landmark of wealth & upscale lifestyle, featuring beautiful lakefront walking, lots and trails lined with hedges, large frontages on some of Lake Simcoe's most beautiful water, and within walking distance from The Briars, one of Georgina's most prestigious golf & country clubs.  Many large, historic lake houses were used by the traditional wealthy families in Toronto, who capitalized on this original cottage country's close proximity to the city. Since the introduction of the 404, it appears that these roots are beginning to return, with the Lake House and luxurious cottage country appeal returning to Hedge Road as the distance to the city of Toronto has been shortened to less than one hour. Many traditional small businesses serve the area, as well as the Dalton Road Retail Corridor

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Hedge Road in Georgina has an average list price of $927,028. The average sale price for Hedge Road is $903,858 with an average sale to list price ratio of 96 percent. The average time a listing spends on the market is 51 days. A total of 15 listings sold in the past 365 days. The average house has 3 Bedrooms and 3 Washrooms.

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