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Town of Georgina Development Applications Semi-Annual Update - 2020

Tuesday Jan 5th, 2021

Georgina Real estate development applications

The following is an aggregation of publicly available information for educational purposes for our development and investment clientele. Full information available at this link:   https://www.georgina.ca/sites/default/files/agendas-and-minutes/2020/presentations/ppt_item_12.2.6_2020_development_applications_semi-annual_update_staff_presentation.pdf Georgina Ward 1 Development Applications   Ballymore/Glenwoods in Keswick   Camlane Phase 10 in... [read more]

The increasing value of private beach access - Daniel Foch featured in YorkRegion.com

Thursday Aug 6th, 2020


'Pushing their luck': City folk flocking to Georgina's waterfront, breaking rules Businesses, residents and councillors speak out against how crowded Keswick becoming on weekends NEWS Aug 02, 2020 by Jeremy Grimaldi  Georgina Advocate Daniel's excerpt below: “There’s lots of reports of people trespassing,” he said. “Some people have been going and having picnics on people’s docks. Some of it is confusion. I... [read more]

3 reasons you shouldn’t get caught up in spring “price growth”

Friday Mar 13th, 2020


Today’s 3-pointer will be brief, and it could very quickly become functionally irrelevant as the coronavirus panic spreads from grocery stores to real estate viewings. There are 3 statistically-biased reasons you really shouldn’t get too wrapped up in the idea that “spring market” pricing is any different than the other seasons: People – selection bias Product – selection bias Pricing – observer bias I have this... [read more]

Feb 2020 - Keswick North - Georgina Real Estate Market Infographic

Friday Mar 6th, 2020


Keswick North Infographic - The average size of a home in Keswick North has 3 bedrooms and 3 washrooms.  $582,620 is the average list price of a home in Keswick North.  There are currently 17 homes for sale in Keswick North.  Only 13 homes sold meaning that there is only 1.1 months of real estate inventory avalible in Keswick North.  Keswick North LIST/SALE RATIO was 100%.  Keswick North highest sale price for the month was $582,060.  Keswick North lowest real... [read more]