The arrival of real estate opportunism: May 9 Covid-19 weekly market update

Sunday May 10th, 2020


It seems like we've pretty progressively found a temporary new normal, with little change in most major metrics. The big one to watch for now is going to be price, which could be gradually dragged down by excess supply. In the microeconomic outlook, it appears we're already seeing opportunism propping up the market on a transactional basis, as we've bounced off fundamentals without rebounding from suppressed capitalization rates we saw in the past few years. It seems like... [read more]

Real estate was deemed an essential workplace during COVID-19 - here's 3 reasons why.

Tuesday Mar 24th, 2020


Last night, the Ontario government released a list of all businesses they consider to be essential during a Covid-19 induced shutdown-ish thing. Some doomsayers have told me the general economy has sort-of been ground to a halt. Some organizations seem to be salvaging with the ostensible "work from home" strategy. The challenge with real estate is that it's functionally impossible to do remotely. Sure, 90% of the transaction can leverage technology - but it is a... [read more]

WTF is a price floor and why does it matter?

Tuesday Jul 16th, 2019


Crossposted to and my linkedin. I got a response on instagram to yesterday's blog post & subsequent story post about the prominent buyers in the market right now, and why they're dictating the demand side of market equilibrium. The question was: buy now or wait it out? My response was pretty diplomatic. "It depends what you're buying and where, give me some context!" The inquisitor said they're... [read more]

Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario - York Region Real Estate Market Infographic- July 2018

Monday Aug 6th, 2018


Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario Infographic  the average size of a home  in Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario has  3 bedroom and  4 washrooms $888,972 is the average list price   of a home in Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario .There are currently  310  homes for sale  in Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario .only 50 homes sold  meaning that there is only  3.9 months of  real estate inventory avalible  in Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario... [read more]

King, Ontario - Real Estate Market Report Infographic - July 2018

Saturday Aug 4th, 2018


King Township, Ontario Infographic  the average size of a home  in King Township, Ontario   has  4 bedroom and  4 washrooms $1,422,190 is the average list price   of a home in King Township, Ontario .There are currently  269  homes for sale  in King Township, Ontario .only 30 homes sold  meaning that there is only  6.2 months of inventory  months of  real estate inventory avalible  in King Township, Ontario King Township,... [read more]