"I'm waiting to buy a property"

Tuesday Jul 23rd, 2019

timing the real estate market is impossible

"I'm waiting to buy a property." I hear this statement a lot. I hear it attached to a handful of different rationalizations as to what, exactly, we're waiting for. That being said, it's most often attached to some sort of financial issue. That's what I'm aiming to address here. My goal is to quantify the costs of not owning a home, or waiting to own a home, especially in a market that's not really moving in any direction.  I'll be the first to... [read more]

March 2019 Georgina Real Estate Market Report

Thursday Apr 18th, 2019


If I were to summarize March, 2019 in a word, it would be "uncommunicative." I've been trying to derive some conclusions from all of the information we've got about the month, but the only conclusion I can draw is that the spring market likely isn't here yet, and if it is here, it sucks. Here are the major takeaways I've got from March, let's hope that this was all just a result of our extended dance with old-man winter: All but one price metric have moved... [read more]

Baldwin & Belhaven, Georgina - February 2019 Real Estate Market Infographic

Tuesday Mar 05th, 2019


Baldwin and Belhaven continue to surprise me as a representation of the niche nature of Georgina's real estate market, and the general consistency in demand for niche product. We've seen a lot of price volatility in the area, but that's likely as a result of the skew in data due to the low volume and low inventory in the area. With that being said, these rural areas always stand out as higher-priced locales within Georgina, telling us that land and luxury are becoming synonymous.... [read more]

Keswick North -May 2018 Real Estate Market Report Infographic

Thursday Jun 14th, 2018


Keswick North Infographic  the average size of a home  in Keswick North   has  3 bedroom and  3 washrooms $574,779 is the average list price   of a home in Keswick North .There are currently  60  homes for sale  in Keswick North .only 13 homes sold  meaning that there is only  3.2 months of  real estate inventory avalible  in Keswick North Keswick North % LIST/SALE RATIO was  97 Keswick North highest sale price  for the... [read more]

April 2018 - Georgina Market Report Infographic - Monthly High/Low vs. Average/Median

Thursday May 10th, 2018


Similar to last month, and despite land costs maintaining, we are seeing a growing wealth gap in Georgina’s real estate market, which we suspect is as a result of luxury utility being drawn out of the subdivision areas. Essentially, we aren’t expecting to see any million-dollar homes in subdivision areas again for quite a while. With subdivision home sales, Simcoe Landing in Keswick, returning to more historically normal prices, waterfronts and rural properties are now playing a... [read more]