3 reasons you shouldn’t get caught up in spring “price growth”

Friday Mar 13th, 2020


Today’s 3-pointer will be brief, and it could very quickly become functionally irrelevant as the coronavirus panic spreads from grocery stores to real estate viewings. There are 3 statistically-biased reasons you really shouldn’t get too wrapped up in the idea that “spring market” pricing is any different than the other seasons: People – selection bias Product – selection bias Pricing – observer bias I have this... [read more]

3-pointer | The 3 housing buyers most impacted by current market conditions.

Friday Mar 13th, 2020


I’m going to outline the 3 housing buyer groups most impacted by current market conditions… which are: house prices rising stock market declining declining interest rates If you’d prefer to read this in tweets click here: https://twitter.com/WTFoch/status/1237721132113018886 If you’d prefer to watch me talk about this in less than 1 minute, check out my IG story: https://www.instagram.com/danielfoch/ 1. Small-cap investors: Small cap... [read more]

Feb 2020 - Baldwin & Belhaven - Georgina Real Estate Market Infographic

Wednesday Mar 04th, 2020


Baldwin & Belhaven Infographic - The average size of a home in Baldwin & Belhaven has 3 bedroom and 3 washrooms.  $567,967 is the average list price of a home in Baldwin & Belhaven.  There are currently 22 homes for sale in Baldwin & Belhaven.  Only 3 homes sold meaning that there is only 7.3 months of real estate inventory avalible in Baldwin & Belhaven.  Baldwin & Belhaven LIST/SALE RATIO was 98%.  Baldwin & Belhaven highest sale price... [read more]

"I'm waiting to buy a property"

Tuesday Jul 23rd, 2019

timing the real estate market is impossible

"I'm waiting to buy a property." I hear this statement a lot. I hear it attached to a handful of different rationalizations as to what, exactly, we're waiting for. That being said, it's most often attached to some sort of financial issue. That's what I'm aiming to address here. My goal is to quantify the costs of not owning a home, or waiting to own a home, especially in a market that's not really moving in any direction.  I'll be the first to... [read more]

March 2019 Georgina Real Estate Market Report

Thursday Apr 18th, 2019


If I were to summarize March, 2019 in a word, it would be "uncommunicative." I've been trying to derive some conclusions from all of the information we've got about the month, but the only conclusion I can draw is that the spring market likely isn't here yet, and if it is here, it sucks. Here are the major takeaways I've got from March, let's hope that this was all just a result of our extended dance with old-man winter: All but one price metric have moved... [read more]