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Tampa Drive resident wants town to allow backyard chickens in Georgina

Thursday Aug 25th, 2016


  Melody Bertolini lost her bid at council to keep her backyard hens, Peanut and Pearl, but may get pilot project penned for entire municipality after a staff review of the pros and cons of issue G-BERTOLINI CONTINGENT RE BACKYARD HENS Keswick resident Melody Bertolini (seated) lost her bid to keep her own hens, but successfully lobbied Georgina council to further examine either amending the town's current bylaw or launching a pilot project allowing Georgina... [read more]

All-way stop added at Sutton, Ontario intersection of Dalton Road and Baseline Road

Thursday Jul 7th, 2016


Georgina Advocate By Heidi Riedner A new all-way stop was good to go Tuesday in the hopes of making a busy Sutton intersection safer. York Region council approved the new traffic measure for its regional road to address the issue of impaired sight lines at the busy intersection beside Sutton high school. The intent is to provide motorists turning on to Dalton Road from Baseline Road a clear view of traffic in all directions. A study by an independent consultant concluded... [read more]