Change the world, literally.

Wednesday Jul 17th, 2019


We all want to change the world. – The Beatles. Yes, The Beatles. A meditation on property and meaning. I realized by accident that part of my obsession with real estate is rooted in the same magnetism I feel towards esoteric self-help/development culture. I think that deep down, we all have a desire to change the world. We all start with that youthful wonder that’s gradually stripped from us over the course of our existence. For most of us, rah-rah high-school spirit... [read more]

April 2018- Georgina Market Report Infographics - Sales x DOM x S/L Ratio

Thursday May 10th, 2018


April 2018 Georgina Real Estate Spring market volume with price decline. We are continuing to see a declining price trend in Georgina’s real estate market, despite a clear increase in demand. This leads us to believe that the macroeconomic environment is dictating price trends, while volume is a localized phenomena. Unfortunately, this also tells us that the pricing trends in our real estate market are more systemic than microeconomic, essentially pointing towards broader trends... [read more]

Keswick North - March 2018 Georgina Real Estate Report

Tuesday Apr 3rd, 2018


Keswick North Infographic  the average size of a home  in Keswick North   has  3 bedroom and  3 washrooms $568,954 is the average list price   of a home in Keswick North .There are currently  37  homes for sale  in Keswick North .only 13 homes sold  meaning that there is only  2.8 months of  real estate inventory avalible  in Keswick North Keswick North % LIST/SALE RATIO was  95% Keswick North highest sale price  for... [read more]