April 2018 - Georgina Market Report Infographic - Monthly High/Low vs. Average/Median

Thursday May 10th, 2018


Similar to last month, and despite land costs maintaining, we are seeing a growing wealth gap in Georgina’s real estate market, which we suspect is as a result of luxury utility being drawn out of the subdivision areas. Essentially, we aren’t expecting to see any million-dollar homes in subdivision areas again for quite a while. With subdivision home sales, Simcoe Landing in Keswick, returning to more historically normal prices, waterfronts and rural properties are now playing a more prominent role as luxury product in Georgina, which further supports our hypothesis that niche product is, and will continue to be, the most in-demand product in Georgina’s real estate market in 2018. This is reassuring in the respect that Georgina, as a municipality, is easily the most diverse market in regards to niche product, with waterfronts, a strong rental market, rural and estate properties, and large land parcels. This reality gives us a strong foothold as a destination for real estate investors in York Region.

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