April 2018 - Georgina Market Report Infographic - Volume Metrics

Thursday May 10th, 2018


Currently in the Georgina market, we are seeing normal absorption figures, with a 46.5% SNLR (sales to new listings ratio). This ensures a strong pipeline of homes for sale in Georgina while still ensuring that existing prices are protect, and we do not move into an excess demand scenario.


The current monthly absorption rate for April 2018 of homes for sale in Georgina is 26.2%, which means that we have 114 days of inventory on the market. If no other homes were listed in Georgina, it would take 114 days for all of the current supply to be absorbed. This is the sign of a healthy market.


We are still operating in a 97% sale-to-list price ratio, which tells us that professionals in the industry are getting better at pricing homes likely as a result of increased flow of data, and increased quality and richness of data available to professionals and consumers.

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