April 2018- Georgina Market Report Infographics - Sales x DOM x S/L Ratio

Thursday May 10th, 2018


April 2018 Georgina Real Estate

Spring market volume with price decline.

We are continuing to see a declining price trend in Georgina’s real estate market, despite a clear increase in demand. This leads us to believe that the macroeconomic environment is dictating price trends, while volume is a localized phenomena. Unfortunately, this also tells us that the pricing trends in our real estate market are more systemic than microeconomic, essentially pointing towards broader trends of a bearish real estate market at a regional, provincial, and national level.

This has created an opportune scenario for real estate investment in Georgina, as well as first time home buyers and retirees seeking homes for sale in Georgina, however, it has not done well to protect the value of existing homeowners in the Georgina area.





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