Aurora Banner: York Regional Police officers add rainbow splash to blue uniforms for Pride

Thursday Jun 23rd, 2016


For the first time, many York Regional Police officers are wearing the word "police" in rainbow colours on their vests as part of this year's Pride celebrations.

"We always support all of our diverse communities, that is something York Regional Police have always been committed to, but especially (after the Orlando shooting), it's a stronger reminder that the community needs that additional support " Const. Laura Nicolle, who attended the Pride flag raising Monday in Vaughan, said.

“We want to be very visible in terms of making sure people understand that these (Pride) events are going to continue on as planned. Obviously, there have been no specific threats made to anything in regards to locally, but we will take every step required and every necessary measure that's needed to make sure all these events are safely taken care of in terms of if we need additional security or additional units. We have an intention to have a strong presence at everything for the month."

York police are reviewing if they need to take additional action to ensure Pride events in the region are safe in light of the Orlando shooting, Nicolle said.

"Not only increased security, but in terms of just officer attendance,” she said. “I think a lot more of us feel more strongly about going and being there as a result of what happened.”

"I know for myself, I plan to be at all of them, just in terms of trying to support the community and remember the people that were affected by this."

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