Change the world, literally.

Wednesday Jul 17th, 2019


We all want to change the world.

– The Beatles.

Yes, The Beatles.

A meditation on property and meaning.

I realized by accident that part of my obsession with real estate is rooted in the same magnetism I feel towards esoteric self-help/development culture. I think that deep down, we all have a desire to change the world. We all start with that youthful wonder that’s gradually stripped from us over the course of our existence. For most of us, rah-rah high-school spirit and lofty aspirations gradually turn into identifying yourself as a student number, joining the workforce, and becoming a loyal ratepayer and billpayer of the economy. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that.

I think our generation started with a little bit more twinkle left in our eyes than those before us. A lot of that twinkle is still present. I see a lot of my friends still changing the world with the way they live. I admire that so much. I’ve chosen a path perhaps less noble than others, but transformative nonetheless. I’ve chosen to transact, own, and develop real estate for a living. It’s a pretty literal method of changing the world.

I love what I do.

The idea of real estate as a technology intrigues me. After all, homes are just human creations we use to interact with the world, and with one another. Houses are where we grow together, where we create families, and memories. At the workplace, we strive together with others toward a common goal. In retail environments, we interact with things. In industrial, we create those things.

Transacting this product lets me put the people in the property to accomplish their goals with it. I find places for the things we buy. I find places for the things we grow, and build. I find places for developers to build homes that will stand for hundreds of years. I help them build those homes. That’s special to me. That’s literally changing the world.

Honestly, I used to shy away from identifying with the residential transaction. I wanted to specialize exclusively in commercial product. I love residential product. I love building homes.  I help families find a place to share their lives together. That’s something that ought to be taken seriously, and I take pride in that.

People will always need a place to call home.

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