February 2018 - Georgina Real Estate Market Report - Real Estate Sales Volume

Tuesday Mar 06th, 2018


Georgina real estate market infographic - sales volume

The increasing list to sale price ratio for real estate transactions in Georgina is indicitave of a market in which sellers are adjusting, and pricing homes more appropriately to better match the demands of buyers. Georgina home prices are decreasing, but this is likely the result of a pre-market skew against future spring-market price growth. This is based on the reality that larger homes for sale in subdivisions such as Trilogy, Jubilee, and Fairgrounds in Sutton, as well as Simcoe Landing and Markrich in Keswick are more commonly transacted in the spring market. Family homes are more high-demand inventory during the spring market, and as a result, spring market prices are typically higher on an annualized basis in Georgina. This is because family home purchasers buy in spring market due to closing timing, by aiming for summer real estate closings to time the transaction around their children’s school year.


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