February 2018 Georgina Real Estate Market Report- Volume by Geography

Friday Mar 23rd, 2018


For the first time in a while in Georgina’s real estate market, we are seeing an increasing strength in buyer groups who were previously pushed out of the market during the real estate boom in 2017. First-time homebuyers are becoming more prominent in Georgina’s real estate market. Furthermore, downsizing groups, and empty-nesters are having a much easier time purchasing real estate in Georgina. Specifically, older cottages, small bungalows, and properties in waterfront areas around Lake Simcoe, such as Keswick, Sutton, Jackson’s Point, Virginia, and Pefferlaw, are all seeing a huge increase in real estate sale volume in the lower-end of the market. This trend comes as a result of the decreasing returns on real estate due to price decreases, which have driven a number of investors out of the market in Georgina. This creates an opportune buying opportunity for seniors, retirees, and first time homebuyers looking to purchase in Georgina.

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