Georgina Real Estate Market Report - March 2016

Tuesday Mar 29th, 2016


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Keswick South continued to lead in homes for sale in Georgina, claiming 28 of 88 homes sold. We are witnessing continued increase in market share from both Keswick South and Sutton & Jackson’s Point, moving 29% to 32% and 23% to 24% of total this month, respectively. New home sales in Georgina recorded on the MLS represent the biggest driver of real estate sales for Keswick South and Sutton & Jackson’s Point.

Based on the data available, it appears that subdivision homes have been the most popular homes for sale in Georgina this month.

•3 homes were sold in Baldwin
•0 homes were sold in Belhaven
•10 homes were sold in Historic Lakeshore Communities
•13 homes were sold in Keswick North
•28 homes were sold in Keswick South
•9 homes were sold in Pefferlaw
•21 homes were sold in Sutton & Jackson’s Point
•4 homes were sold in Virginia

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2016’s spring market definitely showed its strength and prominence in the Georgina real estate market in March. We’ve witnessed massive changes in the following:

•Keswick real estate: lowest average days on market for homes for sale in Keswick North and Keswick South.
•Homes for sale in Sutton & Jackson’s Point are increasing in market share as a percentage of total.
•Rural Properties in Georgina seem to be transacting slower and less often, with only 3 homes sold in Baldwin and no homes sold in Belhaven.
•Lakefront Properties in Georgina seem to be taking time to pick up with the spring market. We expect this market to intensify as Lake Simcoe’s utility increases with warmer weather bringing more traffic to lakeshore communities.
Home sales percetnages in GeorginaHighest and lowest home sales figures in Georgina

To put it simply, there is a record number of buyers in the market, and not enough homes to sell them.

We’ve also seen a continued increase in high-value transactions in all areas, and another interesting conclusion: the price floor is moving upwards. Essentially, the “low” end of the market is increasing at a very swift pace.

The reason for this increase is the high number of buyers searching in the $250,000-$400,000 price range, which has been seemingly pushing the high volume of homes sold in Sutton & Jackson’s Point. Georgina has essentially become the only place left in the Greater Toronto area where buyers can find high quality detached home within this price range.

Finally, an interesting note - the average home sold in Georgina is getting bigger. Demand is increasing across the board and homes are selling in record time, at record prices.


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