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Tuesday Jan 26th, 2016


Late in 2015 I wrote this article about why neighbourhood walkability is going to play a large role in the development of Georgina. Neighbourhood walkability is a major demand amongst the three most prominent real estate buyer groups in Georgina’s market in 2016:

First time homebuyers in Jackson's Point

  • First time home buyers demand walkability for its urban authenticity and the friendliness and simplicity it adds to their neighbourhood. These buyers also benefit from the cost savings of decreasing their automobile dependency.
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Multi-Family Residential Real Estate Investors in Jackson's Point

  • Multi-Family Residential Real Estate Investors demand walkability because tenants demand it. Residential tenants value proximity to bus and transit routes, major amenities, and employment centres.
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Senior Home Buyers and Empty Nesters in Jackson's Point

  • Seniors downsizing in living arrangements value walkability because proximity simplifies their life. As these buyers age, they become less inclined to use the automobile, and like to be close to health care, doctors’ offices, shopping, restaurants, and other amenities. Seniors also value the health benefits of walking to their amenities from their real estate investment.

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I wrote the article in order to lay the foundation for a series of follow-up posts, which will analyze the best neighbourhoods in Georgina in terms of walkability, new urbanism, and pedestrian functionality.

Jackson's Point, Ontario features a very dynamic and synergistic mix of uses and walkable features that offer residents intimate connection to Lake Simcoe, simultaneously offering access to a number of amenities demanded by residents. Jackson's Point Village, is represented by the Jackson's Point Village Business Improvement Area. The area is incredibly historic in nature:

Jackson's Point was originally part of a naval land grant made to Captain William Bouchier in 1819. John Mills Jackson settled the land, which was first used as a wharf facility for schooners travelling Lake Simcoe. As transportation improved by steamers, and the arrival of railroads by 1877, seasonal residents began to settle in the area.

The historic charm presented by Jackson's Point adds a genuine feeling to its stature as Ontario's First Cottage Country.  The area lives up to title by providing amenities more focused around leisure and recreation than permanent utility. With that being said, the area still excels by traditional standards of residential real estate utility, given its proximity to Sutton. There are both public and separate schools within walking distance along the Dalton Road corridor towards Sutton, dotted with strip malls, restaurants, and retail establishments. Within the Jackson's Point Village area, residents enjoy an assortment of historic and recreation-driven businesses such as gift shops, ice-cream parlours, and a number of restaurants.

The area also benefits from having seasonal traffic and energy from the many visitors in the Greater Toronto Area who come to the area for the beaches on Lake Simcoe, the numerous golf courses, as well as customers of The Briars resort and the Salvation Army Conference Centre and Camp. Sutton & Jackson's Point has a projected 2031 Population of 15,150 residents within the Secondary Plan area.

Jackson's Point's community also features a number of events hosted by local community groups, such as the Painted Perch.

Jackson's Point Schools:

Educational facilities play an important role in the vitality and utility of any neighbourhood. Educational facilities create a vibrant and youthful feeling in the area.

Although the schools in the area are outside of direct walking distance for certain lakefront communities in Jackson's point, the bulk of residents in the area are within walking distance of the educational institutions in the are.

St. Bernadette Catholic School

Address: 20898 Dalton Rd, Sutton, ON L0E 1R0

Black River Public School

Address: 5279 Black River Rd, Georgina, ON

Jackson's Point Public Services:

Georgina Leisure Pool

Address: 5279 Black River Rd, Jacksons Point, ON L0E 1R0
Logo for The Link, Georgina’s Community Connection Centre and located at 20849 Dalton Road

20849 Dalton Road
Sutton, Ontario
L0E 1R0



Jackson's Point Grocer:

A grocery store is a fundamental piece of any high quality walkable neighbourhood. The accessibility of food in a neighbourhood adds value to surrounding residents, while serving as an anchor to the surrounding retail node.

Sobeys Sutton

Address: 20954 Dalton Rd, Sutton, ON L0E 1R0


Tuesday 8AM–10PM
Wednesday 8AM–10PM
Thursday 8AM–10PM
Friday 8AM–10PM
Saturday 8AM–10PM
Sunday 8AM–10PM
Monday 8AM–10PM


Jackson's Point Pharmacy & Health Services:

Health services are incredibly necessary when considering walkability and transit orientation, especially in a neighbourhood that expects to capitalize on the aging population. In Jackson's Point seniors play a large role by composing the majority of the market within immediate walking distance, due to several seniors-oriented residential developments surrounding this neighbourhood in Jackson's Point

Eustace Pharmasave

Address: 936 Lake Dr E, Georgina, ON L0E 1L0


Tuesday 9AM–6PM
Wednesday 9AM–6PM
Thursday 9AM–6PM
Friday 9AM–6PM
Saturday 9AM–6PM
Sunday Closed
Monday 9AM–6PM


Restaurants in Jackson's Point

Restaurants and cafes create the energy of nighttime and daytime traffic within a walkable node. Walkability plays a major role in nightlife establishments by facilitating consumer responsibility in licensed facilities. Jackson's Point has a variety of restaurants that serves a full spectrum of local residents, as well as visitors from the Greater Toronto Area, who come to enjoy life on the south shore of Lake Simcoe.

  • Subway
  • Jackson's Place
  • Golden Dragon Restaurant
  • The Lake Simcoe Arms
  • Quick Pizza
  • Maple Leaf Dairy Bar
  • The Briars

Retail & Commercial in Jackson's Point

  • Kat's Gallery & Boutique
  • The Health Hut
  • Lisa's Place
  • Fellini Fine Wines

As you can see, there is a high concentration of businesses within this area, which creates an intimate, connected, and efficient neighbourhood area for residents and visitors enjoying the lake or nearby beaches, such as De La Salle Beach.

Residential Real Estate in Jackson's Point

The next area of analysis is the residential side of the equation, looking at what type of real estate, condominium versus rental tenure, ownership structure, and density types are available within this area, because these play a major factor in the composition of the residents of the area, and the individuals who may be using the services in the Jackson's Point area.

Another important addition to the equation is the increase in housing starts and new residential real estate development in the area. The map below outlines a number of developments happening in the Sutton & Jackson's Point Area:

New homes and residential real estate developments in Jackson's Point and Sutton, Ontario.
Map of real estate developments in the Jackson's Point and Sutton Area.

More information on residential real estate developments in Sutton & Jackson's Point.

Eastbourne Estates | Jackson's Point

Eastbourne Estates is a new single family home development by Lancaster Homes currently under construction at 33 Wolford Ct, Georgina. The development has a total of 35 units.

> Wolford Ct, Georgina

Hedge Road Landing | Jackson's Point

Hedge Road Landing – Jackson’s Point is a new single family home development By Alliance Homescurrently in preconstruction at Hedge Road, Georgina. Sales for available units range in price from $384,900 to over $544,900. The development has a total of 125 units.

> Hedge Road, Jackson's Point

Jackson's Point by The Bay | Jackson's Point

Jackson's Point by the Bay semi detached models in Georgina Ontario - new homes in the GTA

Jackson's Point By The Bay is a new townhouse development By Briarwood Homescurrently under construction at Lake Drive East, Georgina. Sales for available units start from the mid $400,000's. The development has a total of 26 units.

> Lake Drive East, Jackson's Point

Jubilee | Sutton

Jubilee Development New Homes for Sale in Sutton Ontario

Just minutes from Jackson's Point on Lake Simcoe, Jubilee is an exciting new collection of fully detached singles and freehold townhomes, built by two of the best names in the business – Ballymore Homes and Briarwood Homes.

> Baseline Road, Sutton

South Shore Estates | Georgina

South Shore Estates

South Shore Estates is a new single family home development By Markway Homescurrently in preconstruction at Lake Dr E, Georgina. Sales for available units start from $499,900.

> Lake Drive East, Georgina

The Fairgrounds in Sutton

The Fairgrounds in Sutton real estate development, new homes for sale in Sutton Ontario

The Fairgrounds in Sutton is a new townhouse and single family home development By Oxford Homescurrently under construction at Black River Road, Georgina. Sales for available units start from the mid $300,000's. The development has a total of 118 units.

> Black River Road, Georgina

Lakeview Village Condos |
Jackson's Point

"Lakeview Village is truly that – A little village, one that’s surrounded by parks and nature. It consists of a four storey condominium building with only 33 suites available and two groups of townhomes with only 11 units available. All of the Condominiums and Townhomes feature the same well-appointed interiors and luxurious finishes."

> O'Connor Drive - Jackson's Point


Low-density Residential Real Estate:

Low-density residential real estate includes single family detached homes. There are a number of streets within walking distance of Jackson's Point's core that fall into this category of real estate:

  • Hedge Road
  • Dalton Road
  • Lake Drive East
  • Woolfe Lane
  • De Geer Street
  • Ravenswood Drive
  • Riley Ave
  • Melody Lane
  • South Drive
  • Louisa Street
  • Brenda Road
  • Pride Court
  • Roanoak Road
  • Sunnidale Boulevard
  • Pinery Lane
  • Riche Ave
  • Hoffman Drive
  • Thompson Drive
  • Lorne Street
  • Jackson's Point Ave
  • Malone Road
  • Bonnie Boulevard
  • Brule Lakeway
  • Volga Ave
  • Edith Street
  • Birch Road
  • Alexander Boulevard
  • St George Street
  • Jordan Street
  • De La Salle Boulevard
  • Franklin Beach Road
  • Albert Street
  • Christidis Drive
  • Kelenna Drive
  • Woda Ave
  • Allen Drive
  • Faircrest Ave
  • Northwood Road
  • Golfview Crescent
  • Woodriver Bend


Medium-density Residential Real Estate:

Medium-density residential real estate, in this relative context, will be seen to include single-family residential townhome structures as well as small multi-family residential structures. Although this represents the smallest supply source of residential real estate in Jackson's Point, these properties still play a major role in the built form environment, because their residents are more inclined to utilize the walkability of the area than those living in single family residential real estate. The areas with this type of housing in Jackson's Point include:

  • 111 Grew Boulevard, Jackson's Point
  • Lakeview Village Condos - A New Condo & Townhome Development
  • 957-983 Lake Drive

High-density Residential Real Estate:

There has been no major influx or demand of high-density residential real estate within the Jackson's Point area, and it is expected to remain this way for the foreseeable future. Key parcels to watch will be the eventual redevelopment and/or adaptive reuse of the parcel located at 49 Lorne Street, which is zoned accordingly and could be phased into a lakefront community featuring a multi-family residential or mixed-use strategy as demand arises.


Real Estate Listings in Jackson's Point:

If you're interested in seeing real estate listings in the Jackson's Point Area, check out these real estate listings on our website, or drop me a line below!

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