July 2016: Geographic distribution of volume in Homes for sale in Georgina

Tuesday Aug 02nd, 2016


Total sales volume in Georgina ontario homes for sale Interestingly, the geographic distribution of sales volume of homes sold in Georgina has seemed to spread itself more evenly, with a large decrease in homes sales in Keswick South, paired with an increase in homes sales in Keswick North and Sutton & Jackson’s point, putting these three areas within 4 home sales of one another.

Total home sales in Georgina decreased by only 5 units for a total of 122 homes sold in Georgina in July:

•7 homes sold in Baldwin
•0 homes sold in Belhaven
•12 homes sold in Historic Lakeshore Communities
•32 homes sold in Keswick North
•33 homes sold in Keswick South
•7 homes sold in Pefferlaw
•29 homes sold in Sutton & Jackson’s Point
•2 homes sold in Virginia

Steady Summer Real Estate Market in Georgina 

number of days on market and total homes sold in Georgina Ontario July 2016 As outlined in the June 2016 Georgina Real Estate Market Report, the spring market never really tapered off, creating a sustainable volume and price environment for homes for sale in Georgina. While we’ve seen small fluctuations in home sales volume on a month-by-month basis, no major decreases in price or volume have occurred in Georgina’s real estate market.


It appears that Georgina’s real estate market functions differently than surrounding areas in York Region, in such that we benefit from the net migration of tourism in the summer months, attracting a number of investors and potential future residents from areas south along the Highway 404. 

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