3 protection mechanisms for transacting real estate in a volatile financial market

Tuesday Mar 17th, 2020


1.    Don’t try to time the real estate market. Buy and sell in the same economy. Trying to create or carve out an arbitrage in a volatile market is where people get burned. Unless you're an economist, an actuary, or write financial instruments for a living, arbitrage is fickle. One of the important ignored nuances around this concept is that if you’re selling, and your sale is challenging, then that will proportionately affect your sentiment... [read more]

People vs. Property in the attention economy.

Wednesday Jul 24th, 2019


The attention economy. We currently live in the most attention-scarce market in history. This requires people who serve products and services to that market to adapt at an accelerating pace. Things follow this rule in a variety of industries, even ones that operate on longer cycles, including politics, as we've learned.  The most epitomic illustration of this can be found in Netflix's documentary called "The Big Hack". When I look at this solely from the perspective... [read more]

2016 census may have missed hundreds of buildings

Monday Jul 25th, 2016


Content Via Newmarket Era By Lisa Queen  When commercials began running weeks ago prompting Canadians to fill out their census forms by May 10, Newmarket senior Barbara Storey looked forward to doing her civic duty. “I was looking forward to it because when (the mandatory long-form census) was cancelled by the previous government, I thought it was a big mistake. This is how you predict the future for schools, hospitals, where your population is going to live. I think... [read more]

Province announces double-decker GO bus additions

Monday Jul 25th, 2016


Accessibility a key feature on new models Decked out Photo/STEVE HUGHES Provincial transportation minister Steven Del Duca at Friday's announcement of an enhancement of the GO bus double-decker fleet. Content VIA Vaughan Citizen By Amanda Persico  It appears the province of Ontario is doubling down on the double-deckers. Announced today, new, fully accessible, low-floor, low-height double-decker GO buses will start service in the... [read more]

Notice of Road work on Warden Avenue between Ravenshoe and Old Homestead in Town of Georgina

Tuesday Jul 26th, 2016


Public Notice May 5, 2016 Warden Avenue   Notice of Road Construction Warden Avenue, between Ravenshoe Road to Old Homestead Road in the Town of Georgina Contract: 16-154 The Regional Municipality of York works continuously to maintain the condition of our regional roads for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. York Region is making improvements to Warden Avenue between Ravenshoe Road to Old Homestead Road in the Town of Georgina and you are receiving this notice... [read more]