Real Estate meets Technology: On television sets and how they keep changing the living room.

Thursday May 30th, 2019


Is technology designed around the home, or is the home designed around technology? I sort of arrived at this concept a while ago before I read How Buildings Learn, and The Timeless Way of Building back to back-ish, although it does seem to me that my idea is a little bit derivative from the concepts presented there. With that being said, what I have learned seems to be more focused on explaining the very interesting phenomena of how the layout of a home adapts to the introduction... [read more]

Long distance calling costs & rural real estate demand

Monday Aug 5th, 2019

unlimited mobile data internet will change the way we use rural real estate

Long-distance calling costs once played a role in purchase decisions. A few days ago, I was preparing a bit of a commentary on Rogers’ introduction of unlimited data. I was trying to conclude how unlimited data may play a role in making rural living a little bit more attractive. As an example, I can now stream Netflix at the cottage in Dwight, where Season 3 of Stranger Things would’ve previously cost me $250. Completely independent of my thought-gathering... [read more]