Information about Mortgages in Georgina

Financing for properties in Georgina, (which includes Keswick, Sutton, Jackson's Point, Pefferlaw, Virginia, Baldwin, Belhaven, and Udora) can differ significantly based on the type of real estate you are purchasing. There are a variety of categories of financing that are worth considering when you're thinking of buying or selling a real estate in Georgina.

  • Single-family homes
  • Multi-family homes and investment properties
  • Flip properties and fixer-uppers or renovation projects
  • Rural Properties
  • Agricultural and investment land
  • Waterfront properties
  • Cottage properties
  • Commercial properties

Single-family homes in Georgina

Traditional single-family homes are usually the simplest type of property to finance using a traditional lender on the A-side. These homes consist of subdivision homes, detached homes, semi-detached homes, attached homes, and townhomes. These properties require a minimum downpayment of 5%.

Mortgage rates for single-family homes in Georgina are typically around 2-3% for fixed or variable rate mortgages, depending on term, and mortgage underwriting conditions.

We offer free, expert advisory on financing these types of real estate purchases.  Contact us using the form above to learn more. 

Multi-family homes and investment properties in Georgina

Multi-family residential properties and investment properties can be a bit more challenging to finance using a traditional mortgage. These properties typically require a down payment of at least 20%, unless the property is owner occupied as well. These mortgages typically have similar rates to single-family home mortgages.

We offer free, expert advisory on these types of real estate investment.  Contact us using the form above to learn more. 

Flip Properties, Fixer-uppers, and Renovation Projects in Georgina

Purchasing properties to flip or renovate can be a little bit more complicated from the financing side, especially when considering construction financing, purchase + improvement mortgages, capital gains allowances, capital cost allowance, capital expenditure, and many other variables. It is best to speak with our Mortgage Agent directly when considering an acqusition of this nature. 

Rural Properties

Purchasing rural properties is typically more challenging with regards to financing as most lenders have restrictions as to where they will lend, well and septic policies, and the amount of the acreage and out builders that will be taken in consideration for the appraisal.  Our Mortgage Agent has access to over 50 different lenders, all of which are unique in their own ways.

Agricultural and investment land

Agricultural and investment land requires a much larger down-payment from the borrower.  Usually lenders will go anywhere from 50-65% loan to value on the property, however there are certain situations where they will go above this.  Typically a client will be required to not only have an appraisal done but also an environmental site assessment report.  Due to a more advanced skill-set, added time, and resources as well as the fact that lenders do not compensate brokers for this type of property a small fee would be charged to the client.

Waterfront properties

Waterfront properties could be primary residences, cottage or vacation properties, or investment properties.  These homes have a minimum down-payment of 5%.  If a lender requires an appraisal there is some times a small added fee charged by the appraiser due to a limited amount of comparable properties.

Cottage Properties

Cottage/vacation/recreation properties can be purchased as a second home meaning the buyer can put a minimum of 5% down.  Each individual or married couple is entitled to a primary residence and secondary residence in Canada assuming they are own-occupied or occupied by immediate family.  Capital gains are exempt from your primary residence but are not on the secondary residence.  There are certain restrictions placed on cottage properties in some situations, ie island properties, leased land, well septic, private roads, 3 season access etc.  Please call our Mortgage Agent directly to discuss further.

Commercial Properties

From a financing perspective commercial properties could include but not limited to office, retail, mixed use, industrial, residential rental properties with greater than four units (multi-residential).  Commercial properties are typically the most complex when it comes to financing.  The are many variables at play and require the collaboration of professionals with various backgrounds of expertise, ie, appraisal, law, finance, accounting, commercial real estate agent, engineering, architect etc.  Please connect with our in house mobile Mortgage Agent as he will key in aligning the professionals involved to the common goal of closing the desired transaction.

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