Is Toronto's obsession with the CN tower stifling condo supply?

Monday Sep 16th, 2019


The CN tower is Toronto's baby. It's our landmark and the face of our city. It may also have a role in Toronto's housing supply shortage by suppressing supertall development near it. I remember distinctly during my time at Cornell's CIRECC event in New York City, both of the two tallest buildings in NYC were being built. Each of the developers were at the CIRECC event as judges, and in dialogue with the 432 Park developer, I learned that their site 432 Park Avenue was going... [read more]

People vs. Property in the attention economy.

Wednesday Jul 24th, 2019


The attention economy. We currently live in the most attention-scarce market in history. This requires people who serve products and services to that market to adapt at an accelerating pace. Things follow this rule in a variety of industries, even ones that operate on longer cycles, including politics, as we've learned.  The most epitomic illustration of this can be found in Netflix's documentary called "The Big Hack". When I look at this solely from the perspective... [read more]

Change the world, literally.

Wednesday Jul 17th, 2019


We all want to change the world. – The Beatles. Yes, The Beatles. A meditation on property and meaning. I realized by accident that part of my obsession with real estate is rooted in the same magnetism I feel towards esoteric self-help/development culture. I think that deep down, we all have a desire to change the world. We all start with that youthful wonder that’s gradually stripped from us over the course of our existence. For most of us, rah-rah high-school spirit... [read more]

Georgina taking deeper look at multi-use recreation complex and pool in Keswick

Tuesday Jul 05th, 2016


Via Georgina Advocate By Heidi Riedner Despite the fact that construction of a multi-use recreation complex (MURC) in Keswick was fast-tracked to 2017 from 2024, the town’s options will be more fully explored July 5, after a staff report on the facility was tabled at council last month. A number of issues were raised by the town’s recreation and culture department in the report regarding the appropriate timing of the facility’s construction, as well as its overall... [read more]

All-way stop added at Sutton, Ontario intersection of Dalton Road and Baseline Road

Thursday Jul 07th, 2016


Georgina Advocate By Heidi Riedner A new all-way stop was good to go Tuesday in the hopes of making a busy Sutton intersection safer. York Region council approved the new traffic measure for its regional road to address the issue of impaired sight lines at the busy intersection beside Sutton high school. The intent is to provide motorists turning on to Dalton Road from Baseline Road a clear view of traffic in all directions. A study by an independent consultant concluded... [read more]