Real Estate meets Technology: On television sets and how they keep changing the living room.

Thursday May 30th, 2019


Is technology designed around the home, or is the home designed around technology? I sort of arrived at this concept a while ago before I read How Buildings Learn, and The Timeless Way of Building back to back-ish, although it does seem to me that my idea is a little bit derivative from the concepts presented there. With that being said, what I have learned seems to be more focused on explaining the very interesting phenomena of how the layout of a home adapts to the introduction... [read more]

Briarwood Development eyes purchase of Newmarket Hollingsworth lands

Monday May 06th, 2019


Briarwood Development Group unveils proposal for 2 condo towers, senior residence, public park, community facility at Davis and Patterson NEWS Feb 06, 2019 by Teresa Latchford  Newmarket Era   Briarwood Development Group planner Diarmuid Hogan speaks to residents about one of the two proposed designs for the corner of Davis Drive and Patterson Street at an open house hosted by the developer at the Newmarket Community... [read more]

March 2019 Georgina Real Estate Market Report

Thursday Apr 18th, 2019


If I were to summarize March, 2019 in a word, it would be "uncommunicative." I've been trying to derive some conclusions from all of the information we've got about the month, but the only conclusion I can draw is that the spring market likely isn't here yet, and if it is here, it sucks. Here are the major takeaways I've got from March, let's hope that this was all just a result of our extended dance with old-man winter: All but one price metric have moved... [read more]

Newmarket, Ontario - York Region Real Estate Market Report - July 2018

Sunday Aug 05th, 2018


Newmarket, Ontario Infographic  the average size of a home  in Newmarket, Ontario has  3 bedroom and  3 washrooms $859,891 is the average list price of a home in Newmarket, Ontario .There are currently  410  homes for sale  in Newmarket, Ontario .only 83 homes sold  meaning that there is only months of  real estate inventory avalible  in Newmarket, Ontario Newmarket, Ontario % LIST/SALE RATIO was  97 Newmarket, Ontario highest sale price... [read more]

February 2018 - Georgina Real Estate Market Report - Real Estate Sales Volume

Tuesday Mar 06th, 2018


The increasing list to sale price ratio for real estate transactions in Georgina is indicitave of a market in which sellers are adjusting, and pricing homes more appropriately to better match the demands of buyers. Georgina home prices are decreasing, but this is likely the result of a pre-market skew against future spring-market price growth. This is based on the reality that larger homes for sale in subdivisions such as Trilogy, Jubilee, and Fairgrounds in Sutton, as well as Simcoe... [read more]